Client Recommendations

“I have at the time of this writing had 4 massages from Chuck Collingwood. Chuck is experienced, knowledgeable, intuitive, and dedicated to service and well-being for everyone with whom he comes in contact. It is as though he is on a mission. His work is rather eclectic. From Swedish to deep, trouble-shooting to energetic, and so much more. All the while using his intuition as he very subtly shifts from one modality to another. I hesitate to call anyone a “healer” and have met very few in my life. I do not hesitate to refer to Chuck Collingwood as a HEALER. I have been a Massage Therapist for 28 years, practicing in Oakland, San Francisco, and Marin Co. I have given many, many massages and received many. I would put Chuck in the top THREE. If you have the opportunity to have him share his talents with you, do not miss.”  – Kris Knight, CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) | Marin Co. CA

“Since entering the massage therapy and spa industry in 2001, I have given and received hundreds, maybe thousands of massages to date. I can honestly and enthusiastically say Chuck’s work is among the best I have experienced. Chuck possesses that rare combination of technical skill and knowledge along with innate intuition and compassion. As a busy massage therapist, I often come to him with lots of tension built up in my shoulders, arms, and hands. He addresses all of my physical issues thoroughly and with great detail. Emotionally, I consistently leave our sessions together mentally relaxed and energized. It is very rare and special to find a therapist whose work is as complete as Chuck’s – his practice truly addresses the body, mind, and spirit at every level. Personally, Chuck is a joy to be around. Always professional, grounded and caring, his love of healing and helping others very much comes through in his work. I always feel tremendously balanced, clear, and absolutely renewed after our sessions. Chuck is a very talented therapist and healer; I cannot recommend his work highly enough!”  –Kayse Gehret, CMT & Founder of Soulstice Spa, Inc. | Kayse Gehret has been in private practice as a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner since 2001. Her client list includes the Mandarin Oriental Group, Four Seasons Hotel, professional athletes, celebrities, and internationally-based executives.

“Last week I had a knot in my neck that stood out over a half inch and was very painful. I told Chuck about it and he offered to work on my neck to help ease my pain. He worked on it for 20 to 30 minutes and within 2 days, it was completely gone. I have had these before in my muscles and they normally take 3 to 4 days before the soreness eases up enough to even be able to touch them, then another week to dissipate and disappear. I was so happy! I have gotten several massages but never before had I felt that a massage actually healed me in some way. Of course, they always felt good but normally by the next day, the only remembrance of the massage was the soft skin I felt from the oil they had used. After I received a massage from Chuck Collingwood, I could not stop thinking about it. I honestly still felt better the next morning. I felt energetic and relaxed throughout my entire body. I felt more limber and agile than I had in years. I believe that is what a massage should do for us. Not a temporary fix but an actual remedy to the cause of muscular pain. I felt so good the next day I actually was excited about it and felt happy. I felt I just had to tell someone, everyone I knew, what a fabulous experience this massage was. If you are contemplating scheduling an appointment with Chuck for a massage, all I can tell you is do it! You will more likely be getting the first “real” massage of your life. I was in heaven for an hour and will be visiting him as often as possibly in the future. Thank you Chuck, it was the best I have every had!”  -Deanna Lindsey | San Rafael, CA

“Chuck is a generous, and comprehensive healer. He can read the emotional systems, and the physical body with great clarity to understand exactly what I need for my healing. His combination of Massage, Reiki and Energy Healing skills are amazingly effective and thorough. I always leave feeling renewed, restored, balanced, energized and calm. There have been many times when severe physical pain had dissolved completely with his treatment, including cramps, headaches, and twisted ankles. In times of emotional distress Chuck has helped me to connect with my strength in a life affirming way. Chuck is my healing angel and I trust his skills completely. I always know I will have profound and lasting results with his healing hands.” -Samantha Russell, CMT for over 18 years