Massage & Healing


With each paid one hour massage, new customers get 1/2 hour of alternative healing free.

I am a certified massage therapist and when needed I incorporate different healing techniques into the massage in order to assist my clients in healing themselves. The combination of massage and other healing techniques along with the state of the art Vibro-Acoustic sound healing massage table will take your massage experience to a whole new level. You will experience massage unlike any you have had before and will come out of it feeling more deeply relaxed than ever before. Since 1999 I have studied Reiki with masters and I have over 450 hours of training in my other healing techniques.

Healing techniques include:

Sound Healing (tuning forks & singing bowls as well as a Vibro-Acoustic sound healing massage table)
Native American Healing
Tibetan Energetic Healing
Polarity Therapy

About Vibro-Acoustic Sound Healing

The state of the art Vibro-Acoustic sound healing table plays specifically designed music for healing and relaxation into four speakers intended to create vibrations that are deeply soothing and healing. Most people that have experience a massage or healing on the sound table have been amazed at how relaxed and calm they feel after a session. Some have said that they feel both deeply relaxed and energized at the same time, creating a wonderful feeling of lively energy without any stress or tightness weighing them down.

About My Massage Practice

I am here to assist my clients in healing themselves so that they can begin to take a more active role in their health. My intention is for a session to not only heal and relax but to bring joy to my clients and provide them with a powerful alternative to treat a broad spectrum of physical and emotional conditions, ranging from damaged joints to spinal conditions, to chronic pain and even emotional stress. My work also supports people with no ailments as a preventative method to keeps muscles relaxed and in line. If you are feeling good, I can help you to feel excellent!