About Me

chuck_photoHow did I get here—to this place in my life, to this web site?

I am really good at figuring things out. It seams to be a natural ability; I remember my dad giving me a broken fishing reel of my grandfathers so I could have something of his when I was a little kid. I could see the surprise on my dad’s face when I came back a day later with it fixed and working. So I seem to have this natural ability to look at a problem, see a solution, apply the solution and get a good result. You have to be to be a to do that to be a successful auto mechanic and teacher … especially these days as technological change is off the charts. One of the greatest things I got from being an auto mechanic and teacher for so long was the ability to look at a problem, see the relationships between things, and figure out a solution—whether for car parts or people. If the solution worked, GREAT, and if it did not I would most often get immediate feedback and I learned you had to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT if you wanted different results … such as getting the vehicle fixed and getting PAID for you efforts. I learned real fast, my economic survival depended on it!

When you have HUGE economic nut to crack each month it was sink or swim. I learned to paddle hard and fast. I learned that the quickest, best, longest lasting and most economical solution was the best way to go. Do whatever it takes to get results. I could not afford to fail and loose everything I had worked for. To buy my business I had to put EVERYTHING I had on the line. If I failed, I lost everything I had and I was not willing to do that. Failure was NOT an option!!!

Later I learned that the same techniques I used to become a MASTER automobile technician I could use for my business and myself, for my employees and my friends, and for life. So I went looking for things that I could use to help me be a better human being,

a better automotive technician
a better business owner
a better employer
a better boss
a better communicator
a better husband
a better father
a better son
a better friend

And on and on. For as John Muir wrote, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe” (My First Summer In the Sierra). In other words, everything is connected to everything else.

I found it ESSENTIAL for me to work with ANY skills, tools or techniques to make myself a better human being. And I noticed that when I got better, EVERYTHING around me got better AND I found THAT IS THE WAY OUR LIVES WORK. It may not happen all at once, it may take years of work but the minute you make a change, even a little change, things get better. Often not as fast as you would like but if you get better and do it enough, you will be amazed at how much your life and the people around you will change.

Hundreds of self help/motivational and eventually, spiritual books taught me lessons for life from people all over the world, from all ages of mankind; things that are new and things that are ancient scared ways. My attitude is, if it works and I get results, I don’t care what you call it or how dorky it may seem—If I get results, I USE IT. I have taken many classes and I have walked on fire to prove to myself that the
“IMPOSSIBLE” is POSSIBLE, that maybe the possibility that the “out there” stuff some people talk about really works—and for me it seems to make life better and more joyous.

Now I find myself to be a teacher at a spiritual school (it was not long ago I could barely say the word spiritual, yet alone say it about myself—it just happened to me and I could not deny what was happening). At the school I am an assistant teacher for classes that help people in their lives. I help with things as simple deciding what clothes to wear to an interview and as complicated as working with someone whose loved one is dying.

I live what I preach (or teach). I lead by example and I learn from the best people. Many people have told me I am REALLY GOOD at helping others and I need to take it to the public instead of a small group of students and friends so that is why PlayLifeFullOut.com has come to life.